Friday, February 4

🇬🇧 The Dam Is About to Break

Of course, what Robert Scoble says isn’t set in stone and sometimes it’s helpful to have a grain (or a shovel) of salt at hand, especially when he gets really really excited about something. Like AR lately. I’m positive that something big is coming though, just how big and how fast it’ll come is not clear.

Then Robert posted this:

My thesis: Apple is going to wipe out the VR industry in September.

Gepostet von Robert Scoble am Freitag, 21. Juli 2017


I was about to dive deeper, when I found this article that I believe sums it up nicely. The tl;dr? Scoble might really have something on his hands here. Apple is likely to make a huge dent in that market, possibly re-define it and lead the pack for years to come. ARKit is the foundation, but what we’ve seen so far is just the beginning.

Here’s his video, a bit long, but worth watching.

What I've learned by saying VR will be wiped out by Apple in September. Which is why I started Apple AR World with Shel Israel.

Gepostet von Robert Scoble am Sonntag, 23. Juli 2017


Especially interesting in this context are three key acquisitions that Apple made between 2013 and 2015:

Primesense, the original makers of Kinect, were bought by Apple in 2013. Back then they had an amazing 3D sensor that in terms of resolution and depth sensing was far beyond what the Kinect ever was. Apparently their depth sensing was so good that even back then it could measure someone’s heart beat from several feet away. That was four years ago and we haven’t heard from them since they became part of Apple.

In 2015 Apple bought German startup Metaio. Their tech is the basis for the camera-based inside-out tracking and mapping that we’re now seeing in ARKit. Combine that with the Primsense’s 3D sensing (expected to be in iPhone 8) and among a ton of other cool stuff, you’ll have the most solid tracking there is.

Then there’s Faceshift. Apple also bought them in 2015. Their marker-less facial motion capture tech was used in Star Wars and it’s impressive.

Combine this with Primesense and Metaio, make it part of the iPhone and the amount of potential applications is immense. Remote presence right in the palm of your hand is just one of the things that come to mind.

Will Apple wipe out the AR industry this fall? Let me know what you think.