Thursday, February 3

🇬🇧 Husky Puppies

Traveling always bears the risk of getting stuck somewhere for longer than anticipated, missing a connection flight or getting in some other form of trouble. If you have a ship going at a designated time and no way to catch up, planning a day or two of buffer time to get there is advised. If that ship takes off from one of the most remote ports in the world, then doubly so.

So we arrived in Longyearbyen, Svalbard two days early and we had to make use of the time. Which we did. Monika is now trying to find space in her luggage to bring back that husky puppy..

This afternoon we will board the s/v Noorderlicht and sail the coast of Svalbard for 12 days. We will go on land whenever possible and capture beautiful photos of ice, snow and a lot of arctic wildlife.

Oh, and it’s daylight 24/7 up here. Photography around the clock 😉