Thursday, February 3

To become good, you’ll have to create a lot of garbage first…

… subtitle: quantity equals quality.

Yep, I know, sounds wrong. But the way to becoming good at something is to produce lots of crap first. I look back at my photography 20 years ago and it was worse than my photography 10 years ago, which in turn was worse than my current photography, which I’m confident is worse than my photography in 10 years from now.

It has to do with some of the ideas from Art & Fear (awesome book, definitely recommended).

I find the “50 pounds of clay” idea from that book especially compelling in that context. In short: a teacher splits the kids in a pottery class into two groups, the first ones get rated on the quality of their work. The second group gets rated on quantity and nothing but quantity. Turns out, the second group consistently ends up also producing much better quality than the first one.

Apply that to your photography as you learn to get better and you will.