Friday, February 4

AI, you still got a long way to go…

…either that or my photography is boring.

Enter: Keegan, the photo coach. Keegan is an AI that will critique your photos and give them ratings. I uploaded a few of my favorite pictures to test it:

Keegan doesn’t like detail in photos.


Keegan loves blur. I get a ribbon. Must. Do. More. Blur.


Oh, first time Keegan calls it my colors pleasant. At least that.


Yep, they’re hiding in the shadows. Those buddhist monks.


Okay Keegan, I’ll keep trying…


My colors are weird. *sniffle*


Yeah, the colors are off. The guy is all orangy and yellow.




Did I mention Keegan loves blur? Oh, and guess I better apologize for the guy in the background.


*sigh* I’m a bad photographer, OK at best. Keegan told me so.


Try it with a few of your own shots (or some of the masters) and judge for yourself.

» Keegan


PS: I had a look at Keegan’s hall of fame. I understand now what’s wrong with my photos. They don’t contain enough motorbikes or flowers: