Friday, February 4

Visual Storytelling: Ethiopia Photo Stories

I’m trying something different right now. What I usually do is I take my pictures from a tour, and I sort them by quality. Four stars or five stars get published in one way or another. Five stars are portfolio material.
But what I found is that in addition to those it will take pictures that have three, two or even one stars to tell the story.

So I’ve looked for a way to tell those stories and I finally found something that I believe does the trick: storehouse.

To prepare, I have gone through my Lightroom library of Ethiopia and looked at every single picture, trying to chronologically sort them into stories. Those stories are now in their individual collections, and all I need to do is pull out the most interesting ones, drop them into storehouse, add some text and hit publish.
So here are a few, feel free to get on storehouse, and have a look at them. You won’t need the app, a web browser will do just fine. The app will come in handy if you want to interact, hit the like button, leave comments and so on.
To be continued…
P.S.: Want to come with us next time we go? We are in the planning phase and if you want to find out more, we will notify you once we know more. More pictures and our Ethiopia 2015 notification list is at