Saturday, February 5

One-Click Sharing Wanted!

Now that Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite is here and I’ve played with its sharing extensions, I think down the road this might provide a way to hugely simplify one of my always recurring tasks:

Take any piece of information (a web page, an order form, a mail attachment), and save it as a PDF to a specific folder on my system. This needs to be a one-click operation.
Is there anything like out there? Does any existing app provide such a service? I’m not looking for a process that requires multiple steps and goes through Evernote, Instapaper or similar, I’m looking for one-click simplicity.
Any ideas?
Update: I’ve been asked “why not just use print/save as pdf” and my answer is that I believe it should be even simpler and straightforward.
The above is a keyboard shortcut (⌘-P in most apps) followed by clicking a pull-down menu and selecting “Save as PDF..”, followed by navigating to the destination folder, followed by clicking OK or hitting Enter. What I’m looking for is to achieve the same with one click to the sharing symbol followed by selecting “ChrisSave” (or whatever it’s called) and be done with it. I do this often enough that it matters to me.
Additionally this share extension could have more intelligence built in, for example act differently based on context. In a web browser it would convert the page to PDF and save it to the default location. In the Mail app it would ask to save attachments instead of saving the mail.
In an ideal world this behaviour would be configurable…